Diondre Jermaine

From the suburbs to the ghetto, Diondre's music is exactly that.

Vintage suits and Chuck Taylor’s is the chosen style of dress for singer/writer Diondre Jermaine and one could say this ensemble is a visual representation of this talented artist’s attitude when it comes to making music and the contradictions don’t stop there.  So versatile vocally and stylistically one could exhaust their repertoire of adjectives seeking the perfect description. Influenced by Sly Stones vocal delivery, Jimi Hendrix’s swag and D’Angelo’s realness. Diondre Jermaine describes his music as “Something someone has gone through. No fancy metaphors. It’s just good music”. Born and raised in Southern California, Diondre claims Long Beach home by way of everywhere.

More widely known as the former lead singer of the band Mulatto the radical front man has begun a new chapter as a solo artist.  “Being a part of Mulatto was a great experience and my fans are amazing and loyal! But now I have the opportunity to really express who I am.”  As Diondre Jermaine begins a little harder, I hope people will get it. I want them to be refreshed that someone else is on the scene trying to do something different. With the airwaves flooded with microwave instamatic music, I hope I didn’t miss my time…”